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Ultimate Certified Angus Beef

We are the only LICENSED certified angus beef retailer in the area. There is a difference between certified Angus Beef and regular Angus Beef. Only 1 in 4 of all Angus Beef make the certified grade. We sell it at every day prices, while our competitors raise their price for anything marked "Angus Beef". At Bi-Lo's, we have the Best Beef at the Best Buy! Check out the video above to learn more...


Ask For Our Ultimate Ground Beef!

We are unique in the industry because we choose to grind our ground beef at the store level. We do not purchase coarsely ground beef to grind finer in the store- -that just adds to chance of bacteria in the beef. We do not purchase 
pre-packaged ground beef, either.

Instead, we grind it fresh ourselves! Our store is inspected for cleanliness and sanitation, we use proper processes for 
handling meat, and maintaining and cleaning the machinery. We are experienced in handling, cutting, and grinding meat. 
We’ve been doing this for 45 years and have never had a recall!

We use small batches of meat to maintain maximum freshness, and we package it right away. When you add it to your shopping cart, you know it’s fresh!

Sausage & Ham

We grind our own sausage and carry Country Style, Colaianni's, Sweet Italian, German Bratwurst, and Holiday Sausage. Our Holiday Sausage is available only for holidays. (Sigh!) Our Old-Fashioned Hardwood Smoked Hams are the best! Try the Bone-In for ultimate flavor, or the Boneless for eaiser serving (and great taste!).


Specialty cuts and orders are available for any occasion or any size function. Call ahead and let us know at 208.232.5739. Perfect as a gift or for any special occasion!

Locker Specials

Locker Specials save you money and supply you with great cuts of meat. We have several locker specials.  Call for details on how to fill your freezer at the best possible price 232.5739. Click here to view and order Meat Lockers online.

We feature Falls Brand and Premium Farms All Natural Pork Products. No fillers, no additives. All natural pork, all natural goodness!