Idaho Falls & Rexburg Deliveries

We deliver to Idaho Falls & Rexburg 3-4 times a year. If you want to be notified, please join our Text Alert list by filling out the form below.


If you want to sign up for general emails from Nel's Bi-Lo Market, please put your email in the sign up box in the footer of the page.


Idaho Falls & Rexburg friends: unfortunately due to market conditions we will not be able to do our JUNE deliveries to Idaho Falls and Rexburg. We hope to be able to do another one this fall.

If you will be coming to Pocatello you can always order your favorite case items at current pricing and pick up in the store. Check out our website to place your order, make sure to notate when you will be coming to Pocatello (please give us at least 3-4 days notice).

To order for Pocatello pick up:

Don't worry -- when we have a date set for the fall deliveries to Idaho Falls and Rexburg we will notify you via this email service.